Can I get my Bottle Shots on a transparent background?

Absolutely! That’s one huge advantage of working with Outshinery — get images that offer maximum versatility, so you can use them across all different contexts and platforms, hassle-free.

Bottle Shots are delivered in these formats:

  • A high-resolution file with transparent background* (PNG)
  • A high-resolution file with opaque white background (JPEG)
    A high-resolution layered file (TIFF)
  • A web-ready file (PNG) according to your specs

*Bottle Shots on transparent backgrounds are great because you can superimpose them on any background you want. You won’t have to deal with a white box around the image OR spend time clipping the product out.

Lifestyle Images come in these formats:

  • A high-resolution PNG
  • A high-resolution JPEG
  • A high-resolution TIFF

Animated Labels and Product Videos come in these formats:

  • A high-definition MP4 1920x1080 (perfect for YouTube, for example)
  • A high-definition MP4 1080x1080 (perfect for Instagram)
  • A medium-res GIF when possible (to embed in newsletters or on your website)

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