Can I place any type of product in a Lifestyle Image?

Yes! Need a Bordeaux bottle, a Burgundy bottle, a can or a 6-pack in that photo? Not a problem.

Any product can appear in a Lifestyle Image, thanks to computer-generated tech. This allows you maximum flexibility for an incredible price!

Want to discover the possibilities? Head to the Outshinery Market to see all the options.

Keep in mind that the bottles shown here are for demo purposes only and would be replaced with your products. In order to create a Lifestyle Image, we first need to craft a Bottle Shot of your product β€” the actor to place on the stage, if you will.

Note: If you have a one-of-a-kind custom bottle, we can create that too! Please email us at and let’s chat.

Curious about Lifestyle Images? Check out this quick video.

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