Can I use the images for large prints?

We love nothing more than to see Outshinery images on buildings, buses, bus shelters, billboards, and banners!

The ability to create large images is one of the differences between us and a traditional photographer. When a traditional photographer takes your image, the size and resolution are limited by the sensor of her camera. In contrast, we can have our software generate a high-resolution image of any size.

We’ll first need to ensure that the files you supplied us with can work. Email us:

It’s worth noting that larger images are more time- and tech-intensive for Outshinery to create. As such, you need to count 1 extra Shine Credit towards that asset compared to our standard size. Visit for more info.

Our standard images are perfect for printing on letter size or A4 (8.5 x 11 inches, or 215.9 x 279.4 mm). We don’t advise using these image files for large prints, unless you don’t need the results at a 300 dpi resolution.

FYI, if you order a large image, the file size will be significantly larger than your typical photo. Image files of 30–50 MB are not unheard of for larger image files, whereas our standard high-res TIFF images usually come in at around 8–12 MB.

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