How are Outshinery photos and videos created?

This is the exciting part, the real revolution. Our creative team uses 3-D software and Hollywood technology to create images of your product. It's a combination of artistry and tech.

But the beautiful part is this: you don't have to know how to use the software (you don't even have to use a camera). Your role in this takes a few moments, all from your computer.

A quick (like, 5 mins or less) questionnaire allows you to tell us precise details about your product. Then you provide your label artwork (something you already have, for your printer). That's all we need to get to work! You'll get proofs in a few days. Approve those and get high-resolution files that you can use anywhere.

What you don’t need to do is go to the warehouse and ship us physical samples of your product. You can let that one go!

If you’re in need of a video, we’ll first discuss your needs, then supply you with a sketched storyboard. Then we’ll move into production using our 3-D technology. You'll get something like this:


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